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$intro_desc = "<p>There are lots of good reasons to come to Half Moon Bay (on the California coast just 30 minutes south of San Francisco): beaches, hiking, biking, <a href='http://www.halfmoonbayshops.com' target='_self'>shopping</a>. But we think the dining alone is worth the trip. So many wonderful things to try. Italian, Mediterranean, sushi, seafood, and more. Exquisite food, great wine lists, fabulous cocktails, even live entertainment. Whether you want a quiet romantic experience, or a group social scene, you'll find it here. And when we see you walking down the street with that warm satisfied smile on your face, we'll know you've just had a fantastic meal. You'll be thinking how glad you are you came, and so will we.<br />
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Bon Appetit!<br />
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Looking for a smaller bite to eat, or a nice cup of coffee? Stop in one of our <a href='http://www.halfmoonbaycoffeeshops.com' target='_self'>coffee shops</a>. Making a weekend of your trip? Explore local <a href='http://www.halfmoonbaywinetasting.com' target='_self'>wine tasting events</a> and check out our <a href='http://www.halfmoonbayaccommodations.com/' target='_self'>hotels and inns</a>.";

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